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This is an RP journal.

OOC Information:

Name: Cody
Age: 23 (Yes, I'm an old dork. :P)
AIM: Starwolfe123

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IC Information:
Name: Kazuya Mishima
Fandom: Tekken
Timeline: Post Tekken 5
Age: 49
A tall and imposing figure, Kazuya is most often seen in his fighting clothes, consisting of a pair of weather-worn white pants. His body and face is covered with numerous scars, the most prominent one being the diagonal scar across the whole of his chest. His face is stony and marred by scars as well, but the most startling feature on his face would be his left eye. His left eye is not the same color as the other; a bright crimson red.

All of Kazuya's "abilities" revolve around his "Devil Gene", a gene that is unique to his family, and allows him to transform into a vicious demon-like creature with heightened abilities. While in his "Devil" form, Kazuya gains limited flight capabilities, as well as the ability to project a beam of energy from a jewel in his forehead. Once the Devil Gene awakens, Kazuya also seemingly becomes healed from the effects of any kind of fatigue and his endurance is greatly enhanced. Other than the Devil Gene, Kazuya possesses a unique mastery of his family's own style of Karate and is at the peak of a normal human's strength, agility, endurance, etc.

Cold and callous, Kazuya is driven by a singular goal at the moment; to exact revenge on his father. He blames everything bad that has happened to him on his father and has sworn to be the one who finally ends his father's life. He had a kinder side, brought out only by a childhood friend and who would eventually become his lover, Jun Kazama. However, when Kazuya learned she had supposedly died at the hands of Ogre, the ancient Aztec god of fighting, who was released by his father, he blamed her death on his father as well. He has since become the embodiment of vengeance, and cares nothing for other people, not even his own son, and has allowed his heart to be completely enveloped by darkness.
Born into the wealthy Mishima clan, Kazuya was the sole heir to the family fortune and the multi-million dollar company they ran; the Mishima Zaibatsu. However, Kazuya was a frail child and failed to live up to his father's expectations. His father, Heihachi Mishima, had dreamed of leaving his legacy to a son who could also inherit his title as one of the strongest martial artists in the world. Regardless of the motivation Heihachi put in front of Kazuya, the frail young boy was simply unable to live up to his father's expectations. When Kazuya was five years old, Heihachi took the young boy to a cliff near the family's estate and told the young boy a story. He said that a mother lion would push its cubs off a cliff and raise only the ones strong enough to climb back up. While the boy attempted to digest the story and the relevance that had on his training, Heihachi shoved Kazuya off the cliff, and left him to die. Kazuya lay at the bottom of the ravine, impaled on a sharp rock, and stared death in the face. However, something inside the young boy snapped, and his frailties vanished in an instant. Had Heihachi waited, he would've seen the small form of a boy, clothes stained with blood, crawl over the crest of the cliff.
After the attempted murder, Kazuya went into a self-imposed exile, and lived on the streets of Japan. He found that he was now faster and stronger than his peers, and he quickly became a sort of prodigy fighter. Using what he had been taught by his father, Kazuya mastered, and improved on, his family's own style of karate. After some twenty years of exhaustive training, Kazuya entered a tournament catering to only the best of the best in the fighting world. Held and hosted by Heihachi Mishima, any who was able to win the tournament, and then best Heihachi himself would become the new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya fought his way through the tournament, dispatching each foe with ease. When the dust settled, Kazuya confronted his father and fought a battle against the aging man the likes of which the world had not seen before. Ultimately, Kazuya emerged the victor, and in an act of ironic vengeance, Kazuya carried his father's unconscious body to a nearby cliff, the same one Heihachi had pushed his son off so many years before, and Kazuya returned the favor and dropped his father off the cliff.
Kazuya then claimed the Mishima Zaibatsu as his own, and under his "rule", the Zaibatsu saw developments in the line of military weapons development and bio-genetics that astonished the scientific world. However, Kazuya found his new found wealth and power boring. Having achieved his goal of vengeance, he had little to challenge him. After two years of growing restlessness, Kazuya announced the opening of a second tournament, with the same stakes. He watched with growing excitement as fighters gathered from across the globe to fight for the chance to face him. During the course of the tournament, however, Kazuya was reunited with a childhood friend, one he hadn't seen since before his father's treachery. The two became close, and eventually, Kazuya fell in love with Jun Kazama. However, his new found contentedness would be shattered when the final fight of the tournament was to start. Kazuya's surprise at his father's return ended up costing him the fight. Heihachi's determination to reclaim his company even overwhelmed the demonic form his son assumed after the fight. Heihachi saw Kazuya as a threat unlike any other he had faced. He knew that his son would be too resilient to succumb to pains that would kill normal men. As such, Heihachi threw his son into the mouth of an active volcano.
Despite the searing heat, Kazuya managed to cheat death once again. He was taken by operatives of the Zaibatsu's rival corporation, G-Corporation, and was revived from the brink of death after a 15 year regeneration process. When he emerged, his first thoughts were of his beloved Jun Kazama, but he was informed that she was presumed dead, after being attacked by a beast named Ogre, a beast that was released by Kazuya's father in an attempt to gain power equal to that of his son's. This pushed Kazuya over the edge. He cared not that Jun had given birth to his son. He cared not about the fate of the Zaibatsu. He cared only about killing his father. However, he was defeated by his son in the next tournament sponsored by Heihachi, and was knocked unconscious during the final round. Kazuya learned that his son went on to defeat Heihachi but left soon afterwards. Kazuya began to see his son as a rival now, after catching a glimpse of what Jin had become after his entanglement with Ogre and how Ogre's power interacted with his own Devil Gene. Kazuya now fights for two reasons, to exact revenge on his treacherous father, as well as to best his son, and end the accursed Mishima bloodline.

Roleplay Sample - Log:
Gunfire echoed through the halls as Kazuya walked toward where his father's minions were attacking. Somehow, they had been tipped off that he was there. Heihachi was trying to flush out his son. "Fine by me..." Kazuya whispered coolly as he lay in ambush behind a corner. He stood silent and unmoving as he waited. His mind wandered slightly, dwelling on the encounter he had with Jun Kazama, and the future that was never to be now. "Jun..." he whispered as he adopted a fighting stance. "Do not wait for me... for where you go, I cannot follow..." Mere seconds after uttering the soft prayer to his beloved, the first of his father's minions rounded the corner in front of Kazuya. With a speed and ferocity of a man consumed by hatred and driven by vengeance, he dispatched the hapless soldier, a single punch sending the man flying through the window a good eight feet behind him. Kazuya smirked slightly as he listened to the man scream as he fell nearly thirty stories to his death. The hushed utterances of the man's squad mates, and their combination of fear and awe brought Kazuya back to the situation at hand. "You tell my father..." he said with hatred dripping off every word, "...I'm coming... to take what is mine... and to exact payment for all that he has taken from me!"

Roleplay Sample - Journal:
[Kazuya grumbled softly as he pushed himself to his feet] So... that's Jin... He truly is my flesh and blood if he's that strong... even so... he's too dangerous to let live... [Kazuya snarls as a flash of purple flames engulfed him momentarily, transforming his body into the monstrous "Devil"] I will be the one... I'll be the one to defeat him... end the cursed Mishima bloodline, and I shall take his power... and I'll become the strongest being in existence... [Kazuya allowed himself to cackle madly as he leapt out of the now ruined temple, wings flapping and carrying him into the night]
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